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Custom Products

All of our products are created from the best ingredients.  We don't just make products to sell; we sell products that we use.  We do not use a standard recipe for our luxury soaps.  Each of our luxury soaps are created using a different blend of luxurious carrier oils (i.e. extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, etc.) and our luxury ingredients.  As you have seen on our site, all of our oils and luxury ingredients are 100% pure.  We do not use by-products because we do not know what is in them or the ratios.  


Our soaps are natural because we recognize that many individuals have skin conditions, sensitive skin, or simply wish to use better products to care for their body.  Whatever your needs, we are here to help.  


Custom Luxury Soaps...Do you want custom soaps for a special occasion, guests ,or your personal care?  We even have customers that order custom soaps to be used on their pets.  Whatever your reason for wanting custom luxury soaps, let's get started.  We can help you select the ingredients for your custom soaps  and/or you may choose from our "Luxury Ingredients" page.  We can even include a special note for your event or recipients.  Costs for custom soaps vary based on the ingredients you choose and/or there may be a minimum purchase requirement.  If for a wedding, the bride gets a luxury gift basket with purchase.


Custom Bath/Soaking Salts...Our combinations of ingredients for our salts are based on our customer favorites.  However, If you wish to have a custom blended Bath/Soaking Salt, there is no additional cost or minimum purchase requirement.  Simply select your options from our "Luxury Ingredients" page. 


Shea Butter...Our shea butter is 100% pure unrefined raw shea butter.  We add 100% pure essential oils or other pure carrier oils at your request.  You may use one or more ingredients.  See pricing options and sizes on our "Shea Butter" page.   

Please note that we do not offer medical advice and you should consult your physician.

The photo in the background is our Homemade Luxury White Tea & Honey Soap. 

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