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Purchases & Returns...


It is our goal at Pasqualina & Magdalene for our customers to be 100% satisfied.  If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us.  Customized products  are nonrefundable.  We reserve the right to make corrections if an error does occur.  If a product arrives damaged by shipping, please take a picture of the UNOPENED package.

Payment Options...

We accept VISA(R), Mastercard(R), American Express(R), and Discover(R).  We accept money orders and check by mail.  In person, we accept the above credit cards and cash.  Please note that all payment options must clear before products are shipped.  Payment must be received before we create custom blends.  



"Ship301"...enter this code if I am delivering your products so that you are not charged for shipping.  If your luxury basket/bucket is being delivered by us to a hospital, nursing home, or assisted living facility in the Charlottesville, VA, Richmond, VA, or areas between the two, enter this code for free delivery for baskets/buckets that are $45 or more.

"Event60"...enter this code to receive 10% off your entire order for bulk orders (25 or more items) received 60 more days in advance.

"Event30"...enter this code to receive 5% off your entire order for bulk orders (25 or more items) received 60 more days in advance.

Shipping Charges for all orders unless "Ship301" coupon code applies...All orders $10 and under are $3 for shipping and handling fees.  Orders $10 to $24 is $8 for shipping and handling fees.  All orders above $24 are $11 for shipping and handling fees. 

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"I just wanted to send you a quick message and let you know how much I LOVE the Shea butter! I burned my hand last night while fixing supper (I do so quite often!) And I always get a blister the following the day  that lasts 3 days or so. I remembered reading on your website that the Shea butter was good for skin damage due to heat and immediately put a layer on the burn.  I forgot about it until today when I looked for my usual blister, but it wasn't there! Nothing was there! I love this product, thank you so much!" Emily

Regarding our Luxury Hair Whip...."A little goes a long way. It is extremely moisturizing and the bonus is there no artificial smell like the awful crud they sell in the stores.  I use it on my natural curls and I'm looking forward to less breakage."  M.N.

"I love Pasqualina & Magdalene products!  I have been using the soaps for about 4 months.  I love that it is all natural and I am impressed at how soft my skin is and how less frizzy my crazy hair is."  C. Toll

'The Hair Cream!!! I love on all of my natural clients!!"  V. Sistrunk of the Hair and Makeup by Vanda Lee


From a mother who's daughter has eczema..."My daughter's skin had never felt like a baby before".

From a gentlemen that purchased custom gift baskets for friends..."You created a city of mermaids, my friends stay in the water.  I cannot kept them out of the water."  E. Smith


"I could tell the difference when I ran out of your soaps and had to use something else before I received my new bars." P.S. C

From a lady that has been growing her hair out..."My hair stylist says that my hair is much healthier than it has been in years since I stopped using hair grease."

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