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Luxury Ingredients...

The basic recipe for soap is lye + water + oil.  The ingredients used in each soap is what differentiates one from another. We do not use soap bases or glycerin (a by-product) because we do not know the ingredients used or the quality of such ingredients.  Since we do not use preservatives, our products do not contain dairy-based ingredients (i.e. milk).  We use combinations of 100% pure quality oils and butters with combinations of the below luxury ingredients to create our luxurious products. Whether the soap you choose has olive oil or avocado oil, we use 100% pure oils like the 100% pure 1st cold pressed olive oil. Our 100% pure undiluted red palm oil is purchased from a company that supports sustainable harvesting in Africa. Because all of our ingredients are natural, the colors and fragrances are natural.  For example, our Coconut soap does not have a strong artificial coconut scent.  Each soap gets its fragrance from the natural ingredients used to create it.

Start loving your skin today by choosing one of our luxury products or by having us make a custom order of soaps and/or bath/soaking salt.  For more information, contact us.


Luxury Oils…

Avocado Oil ~Argon Oil ~ Grapeseed Oil ~ Jamaican Black Castor Oil ~Jojoba Oil ~Marula Oil ~Neem Oil ~ Tamanu Oil ~Rosehip Seed Oil Sunflower Oil ~

Essential Oils…

Bergamot ~Clove ~ Eucalyptus ~ Frankincense ~ Ginger ~ Grapefruit ~ Jasmine ~ Lavender ~ Lemon ~Lemongrass ~Lime ~ Myrrh Orange ~ Peppermint ~Patchouli ~ Rosemary ~ Tea Tree Vanilla ~ Ylang-Ylang 

As with all of our oils, our essential oils are 100% pure; nothing is added to dilute or take away from their natural benefits.  Whether you like them for their natural fragrance, medicinal, or aromatherapy benefits, they are untouched for you to enjoy their luxury.  

Fresh Garden…

Aloe Vera  ~ Chamomile ~ Cucumber ~ Lavender ~Mint ~ Roses ~Rosemary ~ Sage

The ingredients above are grown and harvested from our own gardens.  We prefer this method as it allows us to control pureness and quality of the ingredients.  Our Aloe Vera products are made using the pulp from our own aloe vera plants.  Due to this, we make each batch fresh after the orders are received.  This way they may continue to grow. Our Cucumber Soap is made using the juice from our fresh garden cucumbers; not the waxy retail store version.  Along with other pure ingredients, our Rosemary Soap is also made using the fresh Rosemary in our gardens.


Organic Green Teas ~ Organic White Teas ~ Organic Herbal Teas 

As tea lovers, we would not use something on our skin that we would not want to drink. Inside and out, we love to treat ourselves.  Therefore, we only use organic teas in our soaps.  

Bonus Luxury Ingredients…

Colloidal Oatmeal ~French Green Clay ~Local Raw Honey Organic Himalayan Sea Salt  ~Premium Quality Roasted Coffee Beans Agave 

Our honey is local raw Virginia honey.  Yes, we eat it and it blends well with our teas!  Are you a vegetarian or Vegan, try our pure Agave.


Wake up your skin with our Luxury Ingredients!

Whether you use our Peppermint Soap (or another) while soaking your body in our Peppermint Bath/Soaking Salts (or another), finish treating your body with our creamy shea butter, Hand & Foot Cream, or Jasmine 4 Butter Body Butter.

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