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Our selection of scrubs are made from our love of nature.  We use our homegrown roses for the Rose Scrub, homegrown lavender for the Lavender Scrub, homegrown cucumbers, aloe vera, and mint for our Cucumber/Aloe Vera/Mint Scrub, and fresh ground coffee for our Coffee Scrub.  We source our pumpkins locally for our Pumpkin Scrub.  The color and fragrance of each scrub come from the natural homegrown plants in each of them.  


They may be used on the face and body.  Since they are naturally exfoliating, no need to rub into the skin. Do not wash them off.  Siimply rinse the skin area applied and pat dry.


Get one or more or save by trying all four (excluding Pumpkin) in a set.  You may also enjoy our popular facial set ( White Tea & Honey Soap, Shea Butter, and Cucumber/Aloe Vera Scrub). The set may be used on the entire body.


Scrubs may be stored at room temperature or in the fridge.  Use them when at room temperature (75 degrees) or higher so that oils are not in a solid form.

Natural Scrubs

  • Rose Small $6 Rose Regular $10
    Lavender Small $6 Lavender Regular $10
    Cucumber/Aloe/Mint Regular $10  
    Coffee Regular $10 Coffee Body Size $55
    Pumpkin Small $6 Pumkpkin Medium $30
    Soap/Shea/Scrub Set $23  


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