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At Pasqualina & Magdalene, we use only 100% pure ingredients for all of our Homemade Luxury products.  While many products use a couple ingredients in their haircare products, our Luxury Hair Whip is a combination of a minimum of fifteen (15) luxury ingredients (i.e. jojoba oil and argon oil).  Beginning with our Shea Butter, each ingredient is 100% pure and natural; NOT diluted and no water is added.  We use Lavender Essential Oil and Tea Tree Essential Oil in our signature Hair Whip.  However, we customize to meet our customers' requests.  Becuase all the ingredients are natural, our customers also use this for other parts on their body.  Contact us for more details or to create your custom blend.


Our Luxury Honey Hair Mask is a before shampoo application.  You will be amazed at the feel of your hair afterwards.


Our Luxury Hair and Body Oil is designed to be used from head to toe.  Use it as is or use it as massage oil or beard oil.  Either way, your hair and body will thank you!

P&M Luxury Hair Products

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